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Owner Builders Need Workers Compensation Insurance

All owner builder insurance policies exclude personal injury claims imposed by workers compensation law. Therefore as an owner builder the risk must be separately covered under a specific workers compensation policy issued by a licensed insurer.

You may think that as an owner builder you don't actually employ anyone and therefore don't require workers compensation insurance. However, it's important to note that any contractor engaged by an owner builder may be deemed to be a worker. Therefore as an owner builder you need a workers' compensation insurance policy.

A common example is where as an owner builder asks a family member or friend who is a tradesperson to work for them on weekends whilst they are building their new home. If the tradesperson is employed by a propriety limited company during week days, then during this time they will be covered by their employers' workers compensation policy. However their employers' workers compensation policy will not extend to cover them whilst they are working for the owner builder on a direct basis and outside of their normal employment contract. This means that if the worker is injured on your site whilst acting outside of the normal employment contract you will be responsible for the worker's compensation claim.

To make sure that you don't leave yourself exposed we strongly suggest that you purchase a minimum premium, workers compensation policy. Even if you don't employ or plan to employ any staff we still suggest that you purchase a workers compensation policy.

Workers compensation varies depending on what Australian State you are in, but in most cases you may only be talking about a premium that costs you a few hundred dollars.

For your convenience we have provided a full list of contacts for each Australian State below.

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — Victoria (VIC)

One of the valuable services we provide to a very large number of our Victorian clients is access to independent advice in relation to all WorkCover matters.

WorkComp Insurance Advisors Network Pty Ltd provides our clients with specialist WorkCover services by way of free over the phone advice on such times as selection of WorkCover Agents and premium rating classifications and WorkCover premium. In order that you may access these services, kindly complete and return the attached Application for Workcover Insurance Form to fax number (03) 9585 6177 or by email to , or if you need help, give us a call on 1300 155 338

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW, seven organizations operate as Agents in the NSW WorkCover Scheme to deliver claims and policy services under commercial contracts.

  • Allianz Australia Workers' Compensation (NSW) Limited - 1300 130 664
  • Cambridge Integrated Services Australia Pty Ltd - 1800 803 905
  • CGU Workers Compensation (NSW) Limited - 02 9088 9000
  • Employers Mutual NSW Limited - 1800 469 931
  • Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd - 1800 007 033
  • GIO General Limited - 13 10 10
  • QBE Workers Compensation (NSW) Limited - 1800 112 472

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — Northern Territory (NT)

In the Northern Territory there is 5 insurance companies currently approved under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act to provide workers compensation cover.

  • Allianz Australian Insurance Ltd - (08) 8982 8333
  • CGU Workers Compensation - (08) 8924 0300
  • GIO General Ltd - 131010
  • QBE Insurance Australia Ltd - (08) 8982 3877
  • Territory Insurance Office - (08) 8946 2222

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — Queensland (QLD)

In Queensland Chapter 8 of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 prescribes that WorkCover is the exclusive provider of accident insurance. For more information visit www.workcoverqld.com.au.

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — South Australia (SA)

In South Australia, all workers compensation insurance is managed by a single agent on behalf of the South Australian WorkCover Corporation. For more information visit the www.workcover.com.au site.

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — Tasmania (TAS)

There are 8 insurance companies approved to underwrite Workers Compensation in Tasmania.

  • Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd - (03) 6332 3113
  • Catholic Church Insurance Ltd - 1300 655 001
  • CGU Workers Compensation - (03) 6270 4700
  • GIO General Ltd - (03) 6235 8909
  • Guild Insurance Ltd - 1800 810 213
  • QBE Insurance Australia Ltd - (03) 6237 3960
  • Vero Insurance Limited - (03) 6215 6333
  • Zurich Australia Insurance Ltd - (03) 6220 6111

Owner Builders Workers Compensation — Western Australia (WA)

There are 9 insurance companies approved to underwrite Workers Compensation Insurance in Western Australia.

  • Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd - 1300 130 664
  • Catholic Church Insurance Ltd - 1300 655 001
  • CGU Workers Compensation - 1300 307 952
  • GIO General Ltd - 131010
  • Guild Insurance Ltd - (08) 9368 8600
  • Insurance Commission of WA - (08) 9264 3333
  • QBE Insurance Australia Ltd - (08) 9213 6100
  • Wesfarmers General Insurance - (08) 9273 5333
  • Zurich Australia Insurance - (08) 9261 1599

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Suite 18/296 Bay Road, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia 3192
Ph: 1300 155 338
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