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Business Assets Insurance in Melbourne,AU

Secure your business assets. Secure an insurance package for your business

Business Assets Insurance

FD Beck is an Australian insurance broking company based in Melbourne, Victoria offering business assets insurance. With our technical expertise in business insurance and risk management procedures, you will get help from us on evaluating your insurance needs and making wise business decisions through business assets insurance.
We at FD Beck Insurance Brokers can help you secure the right insurance policy for your needs to safeguard you at the time of a claim. The business insurance policies that we can source from a range of different Australian insurance companies who offer tailored & flexible business insurance packages.

Affordable Cover to Secure Your Assets in Victoria,AU

Our insurance business policies can be tailored to cover your specific needs. We can help you in protecting your different assets as needed, including:

Replacement of damaged or stolen property

Recovery of cost or replacement of stolen items or products from your business premise

Cover any loss or damage on equipment that you use for business whether its small or big

Covers cost of replacement or damage repair of your business vehicle

Protect future profits following damage or loss to your business property

A business insurance policy to cover any loss of mobile plant such as forklifts

Business Asset Insurance FAQs

What are the examples of business assets?

Check out the types of business insurance assets that we cover are: 

When arranging business insurances make sure you name the correct registered entity as the “insured”. As part of insuring the correct legal entity some insurance companies ask you to provide the Australian Business Number (Pty Ltd ABN).

What type of insurance do you need for a business in Victoria,AU?

The insurance type that you need depends on what kind of business you have and what assets you need to cover.

If you are offering services like engineering, or digital solutions, you may need professional indemnity insurance in addition to stand property cover.

If you are a construction company, you may need to insure your mobile equipment, such as excavators and bobcats.

To find out more and to receive more general advice on insurance for business, you may contact us.

How much do businesses spend on insurance?

The amount will depend on:

For small business insurance requiring Public & Products Liability, Property, Management Liability, Cyber or Professional Indemnity you can use our quick quote tool linked here to have an idea of how much your premium is for business insurance.

Running a business comes with risks. Whether it’s a product that you’re selling, a piece of equipment that you use in your warehouse, you need to protect these assets from certain risks. Failing to doing so can take a lot of time away what you do best, which is making your business grow.
But with the right insurance policy to cover your needs, you can focus on building your business. If you are an Australian company looking for the perfect business assets insurance, and we can help you get the most suited insurance policy for you.