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Commercial Business Insurance in Victoria, AU

FD Beck Insurance covers your small business needs at the most affordable rates.

Commercial business insurance is a solution for business owners of all sizes. This type of insurance protects your business from risks faced on a day to day basis.

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To provide you with a cover for your business needs at the most affordable rates. Our business insurance coverage for small and medium enterprises in Melbourne Australia.

Business Insurance for All Kinds of Ventures in Victoria,AU

Having business insurance is necessary. It is not only physical assets that companies should think about insuring. Products Liability insurance will also ensure that your business won’t face possible legal costs claims. Our general advice is to buy insurance products that will help protect your company against costly insurance claims. The following are some of the insurance products that FD Beck can help you to arrange:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance applies to businesses that provide a professional service or give advice. Professional Indemnity insurance protects your company against claims for alleged negligence or breach of duty arising from the performance of professional services.

Product Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers your commercial businesses against legal liability claims if your product supplied, manufactured, imported or installed has caused injury or damage. Check our blog on the difference between Public & Products Liability.

Public Liability Insurance

This insurance covers claims for personal injury or property damage and/or loss, but the difference to product liability cover is that the injury or damage isn’t caused by a product. Check our blog about what Public Liability covers.

Commercial Property Insurance

This insurance is for people that own business assets in Australia. Commercial property insurance covers fire and defined events, business interruption, glass breakage etc. Some commercial policies can also be extended to include car insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

The halt in work operations caused by calamities can affect profits. These cases may reach short to extended periods of time depending on the situation. A business interruption insurance policy covers your company when you cannot operate.

In-transit Commercial Delivery​

Transit insurance covers loss or damage of stock whilst in transit. For example, the scope of cover may be transit from Melbourne, Victoria, to any part of Australia. Transit Insurance can also cover options for goods being imported or exported.

Theft Insurance​

As the name suggests theft insurance protects your stolen property. This insurance covers theft or damage to property with forcible entry.

Insurance for Australian Business Owners in Victoria

FD Beck can provide insurance for businesses of any size including:

Small Business Owners
Small business insurance products for sole traders, then we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Insurance for business where you are working as a sole trader, including liability insurance

The professionals at FD Beck Insurance will assist you in protecting your business. Do not let insuring a business scare you. Give us a call!