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Commercial Property Insurance in Victoria, AU

The right insurance you need to protect your property

Commercial Property Insurance

Running a business has daily risks. With commercial property insurance to back you up, you can be assured that your company’s physical assets are protected from risks or liabilities caused by accidents and disasters.

Here are at FDBeck, we take business insurance seriously. We believe that securing your property and equipment is a priority in your business. We can help you obtain the right insurance cover to protect your commercial property.

Flexible Commercial Property Insurance Coverage in Melbourne AU

Why wait for any untoward accident to happen? When you obtain insurance, business assets are protected and secure. Take advantage of our flexible insurance offers to safeguard your business from costly risks.

Property Liability Insurance

With property liability insurance, you can get cover for your business property costs incurred as a result of accidents like fire explosion, property damage, storm disasters, vandalism, and theft. With this cover, you’ll be prepared for any unforeseen events.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance package is your income protection. In case of halted business activities due to property damage, you won’t have to worry about income loss.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

In the event that any equipment within your property breaks down, this insurance will cover the fees for repair and replacement. As this could be expensive, machinery breakdown insurance ease liability burdens.

Car Insurance

If you have a fleet of cars, secure them with vehicle insurance. In case of road accidents, you can get cover for the costs of repair. With this car insurance, you also don’t have to pay any fees if a third party hits your commercial vehicle.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Commercial property owners whose businesses involve providing advice and consultation need professional indemnity insurance. This insurance provides cover for the fees when a third party makes a legal claim for any inadequate services.

Contents Insurance

The stock and equipment found in a commercial property should also be protected. This business insurance provides cover for loss or damage to building stock and equipment.

Public and Product Liability Insurance

Protect your reputation with product and public liability insurance. Any person who sustains personal injury within your business premises can sue you. But with public liability insurance, you can be prepared from facing third-party claims.

Who should avail of this insurance?

Businesses across different industries have different needs. This is why our packages can be tailored to suit the different needs of our clients.

FDBeck insurance packages are perfect for building owners like:

For as long as you own a commercial property, you can turn to us in insuring it.

Why should you avail of this insurance?

FDBeck is a trusted insurance service provider.

Our commercial property insurance packages provide cover for the loss or damage to buildings, property, and contents. With a flexible building insurance policy, you can secure your property from unexpected damage, accidents, and theft. You can have peace of mind if your company will not face a significant financial loss whenever a disaster strikes.

Commercial Property Insurance FAQs

Is commercial insurance the same as business insurance?

Yes. Commercial or business insurance covers the business, its employees, and ownership. Public liability, business interruption, and contents insurance are the most common insurance policies.

Is theft covered in commercial property insurance?

Commercial insurance comes in many forms since there are so many different businesses with different needs. Depending on the insurance policy you choose, you can get your property covered from theft. Get in touch with our brokers for general advice on the insurance business you can avail of.

How is commercial property insurance included?

For commercial properties, insurance premiums are typically calculated by multiplying the value of the building and its contents by the value that correlates to a certain level of risk. Contact us for an easy quotation process and available payment options.

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