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Landscaping Insurance in Victoria AU

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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping is not an easy profession. It makes you vulnerable to a lot of risks that deal both with the public and their property. This makes you prone to claims for liability due to negligence, errors in professional design, unsatisfactory service and so on. All of these claims can affect your business financially and potentially put you out of business.
FD Beck has got the solution for you. We offer landscaping insurance that will include the right cover and policy for your landscaping business. With our help, you are ready to face unexpected challenges in the future, head-on.

Types on Landscaping Insurance in Australia

If you are a landscaper and run your own personal business, we will assist you to know how much coverage you need based on your business activities, financial situation and risks. Depending upon the nature of your work it may be that your possible that your business insurance requirements will need to go beyond just having public liability insurance.

Insurance policies that you may want to consider include:

Public Liability Insurance

A lot of things could go wrong when you work as a gardener or landscaper. This is why public liability (also known as General Liability) insurance is a must. Public liability insurance will cover claims for compensation by third parties for either personal injury or damage to property.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your type of work extends to include landscape design and advice, then having both Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability Insurance is important. Professional Indemnity provides protection for claims made by clients against your company for an alleged breach of a duty arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of your design services or advice. Furthermore, this insurance will help cover the legal costs in defending an allegation of a professional breach.

Tool and Equipment Insurance

As landscapers, your tools and equipment are important, especially as they work as an extension of you in order for you to do your tasks and offer your services. Tool and equipment insurance will help you cover the cost to replace them if they get lost, damaged, or stolen.

Personal Accident and Illness insurance

This insurance is important, especially if you are a self-employed landscaper. Being unable to work, because of a personal injury, can be a very heavy financial burden. Especially if your landscaping business is the only source of income you have. Personal accident and illness insurance will make sure you get paid a portion of your normal income when you suffer from a personal injury.

Mobile Machinery & Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

If your work vehicle or mobile machinery gets involved in an accident or gets stolen, it is important that you have insurance in place.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This is especially important if you have employees working for you. The Workers Compensation can cover your liability as an employer to a worker for personal injuries while they're working.

As general advice, you should know and make sure that the information contained in your policy is complete to avoid any issues in the future. Make sure to check with your insurance broker before signing the disclosure agreement.

What businesses needs landscaping insurance coverage?

This insurance coverage is very helpful for anyone who has a business involved in landscaping or has a similar nature of work as a landscaper. Policies can be arranged for sole traders who are gardeners, small business owners or larger landscapers who are registered companies with a team of employees.

This would include all types of trade that involve dealing with people’s property landscape or lawn improvement projects. If you fall into this category, please consider getting landscaping insurance. 

You should also get insurance for landscapers if your business involves offering maintenance services to commercial and residential lawns.
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The importance of safeguarding your profession

As a sole tradie or small business owner, you don’t have to lie awake at night thinking about what may go wrong. This is why business insurance is available for all types of businesses, and there is a range of different policies that address the needs of each. 

Having security, especially financially, is for the best interest of your business and yourself. Here is what insurance can give you:

Insurance, especially public liability, will protect your assets in the event of a claim by a third party for financial compensation for injury or property damage caused by your business. 

Make FD Beck Your Business Insurance Partner

Let FD Beck Insurance Brokers be your guide to finding the right insurance, and get a quote, for landscapers coverage for you. We would be glad to assist you in creating the perfect business insurance package that will cover all your needs. Our team is dedicated to finding the best insurance quotes you can get from different insurance companies all around Australia.
If you need any guidance or advice regarding our insurance products, you can call us or visit our website. FD Beck Insurance Brokers will guide you with writing up your policy. You may also easily get insurance quotes when you visit our website.

Landscaping Insurance FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by our clients:

Insurance may not always be a legal requirement, however some industry groups or clients may make it contractual requirement that you have General Liability insurance in place. Furthermore, most clients engaging landscapers and gardeners would expect that they had General Liability insurance at the very minimum.

That would depend on a lot of factors, including the scope of your business and the risks involved, the size including your annual turnover and number of employees, and claims experience.
Professional Indemnity covers losses arising from you providing professional services or advice to a customer in your business as landscapers. Instead, the trigger for a claim under Public Liability Insurance is a demand for compensation as a result of bodily injury or property damage sustained by someone else.