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Office Insurance in Victoria AU

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Protect Your Business with the Office Insurance Coverage

If you have working premises, be it a home office or a rented-out space, it’s important to have insurance which does not only cover your lease but the contents of your office as well. This type of insurance covers financial cost in events like loss of productivity because of theft, physical damage, or equipment failure. Easily avail the insurance packages with FDBeck.

Customised Office Insurance Packages for Businesses in Melbourne, AU

To customise the right package for you, we offer different types of covers for businesses in Melbourne and Victoria. To ensure that we cover all the bases from the ground up, we offer:

  1. General Property Insurance  – Any business should get general property coverage. Cover just about anything related to your office property when or in the event of damage, accidental damage, machinery breakdown, and other financial loss and legal liability covers.
  2. Products Liability Insurance – As a business that sells or offers products, one can never be too careful. With a products liability cover, you will not have to deal with the legal obligations. Any incidents filed against you, like injury, damage, product complaints, or any other claim, products liability insurance will cover the cost.
  3. Business Interruption Insurance – This type of insurance policy will cover the financial problems that come with a business interruption to the workplace. Such interruptions can be temporary business closure or employees on forced leave because of uncontrollable events.

Who should avail of office insurance packages?

Business Owners

One should think of possible threats like property damage and unforeseen incidents that can cause financial burdens. It’s always best to have the right cover when risks happen.


Even small to medium enterprises are not exempt from financial threats. SMEs may even have limited capacity in dealing with financial problems. When the time comes you go through a tax audit, your business insurance policy will safeguard company asset when faced with accidental damage.

Large Corporations

Property loss and accidents like fire or theft—large corporations are not safe from any liability in general. Regardless of company size or location, be it in Melbourne or Victoria, big businesses should prioritise insuring office spaces to be financially sound.

Private Institutions and Parastatals

Private institutions are no exception to the rule of getting covered. This is the same with parastatals. With insurance for businesses, you can cover the damages to your physical space while you protect your business from bad investments.

Why should you avail an Office Insurance in Victoria?

Protects the Employees

Employees are the heart of any company. While the owner manages it, the employees keep it going. Every company owner should put the well-being of employees in mind by dealing with the right professional indemnity insurance brokers and getting the right cover.

Helps a Business Manage Possible Risks

When running a business, there may be risks of a lawsuit or property loss. Insuring a business comes with the right policy. You do not have to deal with the loss on your own.

Gives Peace of Mind

By availing of our insurance packages, we can grant you peace of mind that your investment is safe and secured along with everything in it.

Don’t wait for the hammer to fall and avail of our insurance packages today! We will gladly be with you every step of the way. Call us now to get a quote or find out more about how you can secure your company and keep your investments safe.

Office Insurance FAQs

Do I need this insurance if I run my business from home?

Yes. Home offices can be insured using this type of insurance policy, as it specifically caters to offices or places of work.

How do I find the right insurance for my business?

The first thing you need to do is understand what this type of insurance is all about and how your business in Australia benefits from it. Then you can find reputable insurance brokers and companies, like FD Beck that can offer it to you. 

What is the difference between Office and Business Insurance?

There isn’t actually much difference between the two except that the former is used specifically to safeguard loss and expenses in office premises and everything in it.