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General Property Insurance

General property insurance will help you cover costs resulting from repairs or replacements from tools which went through accidental damage or were lost. This could be because of theft, storm or fire. 

Not having these tools of trade could result in loss of income due to the inability to work. This is why having general property insurance is necessary for any business that needs tools and equipment to continue operating.

Coverage That Should Come With A General Property Insurance

When you get property insurance, it usually comes with other supplementary or complimentary insurances. Property insurance has its limitations and its protection is limited to business equipment and tools of trade and having these other insurance policies will help create coverage that will protect your business all around. So, what comes with your general property insurance package?

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that will handle the costs for any injury, accident or property damage that occurs inside your business property. The claims usually include blaming your services or company for the injury or damage sustained.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance is also known as the error and commissions (E&O) insurance will cover businesses from negligence claims. This usually results from mistakes or unsatisfactory services.

Product Liability Insurance

If you are in a business that sells retail products or your own products, Product Liability Insurance policy is a must. This will protect you from claims against your product due to negative or bad experiences.

Businesses who need this type of coverage

Who needs this type of general insurance? Almost all or every type of business that requires work tools, items and other tools of trade to operate properly need it. Some industries that should have this cover are:

What does this insurance cover protect you from?

With this business insurance, you don’t have to face these risks alone. General property insurance can be very helpful if you do not want to end up with financial burdens.

Expenses because of Repairs and Replacements

If the tools you need for work are damaged or stolen, you might end up spending a lot just to replace or repair them. The repair could take a while so this would end with you spending and spending without earning because you cannot work without tools. This insurance cover will protect you from being in that situation.

Business Interruptions and Loss of Income

Because of the loss and damage of your equipment you might end up having to cease operations and that would result in loss of income. This insurance policy will make sure you do not have to spend a lot of cease operations for a long time.


What is NOT covered by General Property Insurance?

Unless otherwise stated in your insurance product disclosure statement, these items are NOT covered by this type of business insurance.

Where can I get a quote?

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How much does general property insurance cost?

That would depend on the insurance provider you choose. Find your options first and compare.

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