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Ultimate Guide to Public and Products Liability Insurance in Australia

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Public and products liability cover

Getting business insurance is one of the many important things you need to do to safeguard your businesses. Of course, you shouldn’t just jump in and get a policy from anyone. You need to make sure that your insurance provider is not only reputable but also available and affordable.

The policy covers claims against your organisation due to personal injury or property damage to a third party that you may have caused. Furthermore, it also covers the legal costs associated with these claims.

Covers Offered under Public and Product liability

At FD Beck Insurance Brokers, we offer the following insurance products.

Product Liability

We offer comprehensive, liability insurance in Australia. Product Liability insurance provides protection in respect to the products being sold by your business. It applies if the product you supply, manufacture, import or install causes personal injury or property damage to someone else.

Public Liability

At FD Beck, we’ve earned the reputation of the leading provider for public liability insurance in Australia from Melbourne, to Victoria, and beyond. Similar to Product Liability, Public Liability protects you against claims for injury or property not caused by your products.

Good in Care, Custody & Control

FD Beck can arrange cover up to $250,000 for damage to customers goods whilst held in your care, custody or control at the business premises.

Who needs PL and product liability insurance?

By now, you’re probably wondering who should get this cover and who shouldn’t. Well, we’ve got you covered with a list of who should avail of the policy. We get asked so often we have decided to write an article which you can visit by closing on the attached link – Who needs public liability insurance?

What type of claims do we cover under PL and product liability?

Claims of injury or damage to property belonging to visitors can vary depending on what you deal with. Here are some examples of claims we deal with at FD Beck for our client’s business:

Why should you avail of PL and product liability?

Other than giving you peace of mind, here is a list of other reasons why our liability public insurance is vital for your firm.

  1. It act as a safety net against costly compensation payments for injury or damage.  
  2. In additional compensation it also provides legal defence costs.
  3. It’s a good business practice and in many cases a legal, industry or contractual requirement.

Business Liability Cover is a must-have for any enterprise that wants to mitigate the potential risk that could lead to cost claims for compensation. At FD Beck Company, we pride ourselves as on of Australia’s leading insurance brokers. What are you waiting for? We’ll customize a policy depending on your objectives, financial situation, or needs. Request a free quote for our insurance public liability here.


How much does Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost will depend upon your occupation, business size and claims experience. For further information please refer to a recent FD Beck article – How much does public liability insurance cost?

What are some of the things Liability policies do not cover?

Stand exclusions include injury to your own workers, professional advice, or rectification or your own faulty work. For more details please see our article – What are some of the things Public Liability doesn’t cover?