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SME Insurance

More commonly known as Small and Medium Enterprises Insurance, this is an insurance for business that secures and safeguards business from liability claims and property risks. Here at FD Beck, we recognise that each industry face it’s own different risk factors. This is where an SME insurance package that matches your specific needs comes in.

Insurance Packages Tailored-Fit to SMEs in Victoria,AU

This type of policy covers losses to damaged assets such as the warehouse building where you operate your business. Commercial Property cover does just stop at landlord insurance it also includes, stock, contents, machinery, equipment and more, but generally not car insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance covers expenses and loss to any damaged asset such as the warehouse building where you operate your business. Machinery, equipment, even car insurance, can fall into this category.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Employees are also company assets. Cover your workers medical expenses and treatment if they are injured while performing their duties at work.

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public and Products Liability Cover, also know as General Liability Cover, protects you as a result of claims for compensation against your company for person injury or property damage that arises out of the course of your business.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption (BI) insurance covers the continuity of business income after insured property is damaged from an insured event such as fire, water damage etc. When a claim puts on hold business activities and operations, a business interruption insurance policy will cover ongoing costs that continue despite the business being closed; e.g. wages, rent, council rates etc. Unfortunately BI Insurance can not be purchased to cover losses resulting from covid 19.

Talk to a professional indemnity insurance broker to get general advice on the type of insurances for medium and small businesses, like those mentioned about and more. To get the core coverages tailored for your SME, you can start by scheduling a call with an advisor at FD Beck, Australia.

SME Coverage with FD Beck!

Our business insurance covers are ideal for a wide spectrum of SME customers. When insuring a business, we take into account your company objectives, financial goals, and tolerance for risk. Our services cater to:

Self-employed business owners

  • Whether you run a business at home with your own limited abn or have a single office set-up, business insurance is a must.

Retail companies

Even with a company size of ten, insurance for businesses helps you secure your assets. A small business insurance helps lighten the financial load of any liability or loss you might face in the future.

Suppliers to Other Businesses

With the continuous exchange of goods and products in the B2B setup, insurance covers are ever more important.

How SME Insurance Protects your Aussie Business

Having SME business insurance in Victoria,AU plays a vital role in mitigating the risks faced by SMEs. Here are key takeaways on how it protects your small business:

Call FD Beck and tell us about your business, or visit our website to check the different covers.