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Advertising Agents Consultant Insurance in Victoria AU

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Advertising Agents Consultant Insurance

Consultant insurance for advertising agents helps those in the advertising industry when facing claims for breach of a professional duty. 

This type of insurance is especially helpful if the client is asking for compensation for their loss. As you handle marketing and media budgets for multiple clients, there is a way to manage potential liabilities without costing you a small fortune.

Insurance Solutions for Advertising and Marketing Consultants in Melbourne VIC

FD Beck Insurance Brokers who are Australian based offers professional insurance services that can cater to your individual needs. Our range of insurance policies can protect your business from the risks of potential claims you face specific to your industry.

Do you need business insurance for your marketing company? Or do you only need insurance as an independent consultant? Either way, here are some policies you should consider.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Melbourne AU

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an important cover designed for any legal liability resulting from negligent acts, errors or omissions while providing consultancy services.
For example, when planning and coordinating education policies and establishing guidelines for programs you may make an error or omission. Depending upon the size and nature of the error, your client may file a claim against you.

Public Liability Insurance in Melbourne AU

Can an advertising or marketing consultant be protected if they cause injury to a third party or damage property? Public Liability Insurance is designed to respond to these types of claims. Let’s say your team was in charge of an outdoor promotional event that including putting up advertising banners. 
Unfortunately the banners put up by your company were not tied down properly and during strong winds they below over and damaged nearby parked cars. Claims made by the owners to compensate them for the damage to the vehicles can be covered by this kind of insurance policy.

Additional Coverage Available for Advertising Consultants

General Property Insurance​

General property cover protects your portable equipment whilst away from the office. Items that can be covered by General Property Insurance include laptops, smartphones, cameras, audio or filming equipment.

Cyber Insurance​

Cyber insurance protect your business against cyber attacks such as computer hacking, ransomware or data theft.

Standard Business Insurance​

Standard business insurance can cover property damage at your office, business interruption, and theft.

Risk Exposures for Advertising Agents in Victoria AU

As with all advertising and marketing consultants, every project you manage from day-to-day could pose potential risks. 

Risk Exposures for Advertising Agents Flexible Advertising Agents Consultant Insurance | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

Work on your creative energy instead of thinking about potential risks.

With access to over 100 different insurance companies in Australia, FD Beck Insurance Brokers can source insurance cover at a competitive rate. Throughout the years, our insurance broking business has catered to many Australian advertising clients and marketing consultants in Victoria, Melbourne, and other cities. 

We understand that our clients carry risks that can turn into a big financial problem if handled poorly. Thus, our professional services are geared towards creating a suitable policy for advertising consultants and marketing business from a reputable insurer.

It’s time to get your peace of mind while doing your job. Start the process by using our online tool for a quick quote today!

Work On Your Creative Energy Instead Of Thinking About Potential Risks | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

Advertising Consultant FAQs

How much professional indemnity cover do I need?

In general, professional indemnity insurance can provide cover from a minimum of $500,000 up to $5,000,000. However, the right consultant cover considers the size of your business, the nature of business activities, and other specific financial or contractual requirements. 

For a tailored quote with limit of indemnity options to suit your needs use our online tool for a quick quote today!

Is professional indemnity insurance necessary for advertising consultants?

As long as you offer a paid service or professional advice to a client, you can benefit from PI insurance. As general advice, professionals working in the advertising and marketing industry need this kind of insurance. 

For further information, you may want to refer to our useful guide “Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance in Australia and why? (Click here to learn more)

Is there a way to customise an insurance policy specific to my needs and budget?

Yes, we offer flexible options based on your specific needs and requirements. If you want more information that what is offered on our website, please talk to one of our staff members.

Can you give me a quick online quote via your company website?

Please use our available web quoting tool for your convenience. Not only does our website include information about additional products that can help protect your insurance for marketing consultants needs, but we also have an instant online quoting tool that allows you to tailor quotes to you individual needs.