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Agricultural Consultants Insurance

Provides protection for agronomists and business owners to help minimise the consequences of a claim.

Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Consultants | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

As you develop food crops on a farm, any legal challenges can repress your success. That is why it is pertinent to protect your assets when dealing with legal issues. 

FD Beck offers insurance services for agricultural consultants, farm scientists, and farm-related business owners.

With a wide network of insurers, our brokers can assist your business with agricultural consultants insurance to help you lessen the stress of a potential claim. 

Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Consultants

FD Beck may support agricultural consultants with insurance policies that fit your agricultural and farm project. Our insurers may also customise these solutions according to your needs.

When you’re facing a legal issue that allegedly results from consulting negligence, error, or omission, PI insurance may cover financial loss and other damages acquired by the client. 

For instance, your initial recommendation for agricultural irrigation failed due to sudden changes in soil moisture. When the client asks for compensation after losing profit, professional indemnity insurance may be able to cover legal and other related costs.  

A public liability cover may be designed to protect consultants and business owners from claims filed by a member of the public against unintentional damages to a property owned by a third party. Moreover, it may cover accidents and injuries involving a third party within your premises. 

Let’s say while doing farm soil sampling, a commercial vehicle accidentally ran over a fence. Depending on the terms of your policy for compensation conditions, this liability insurance may cover the damage to property. 

Additional Insurance for Agricultural Consultants

For agricultural projects, risks come in many ways. As advice considered by most insurers, these additional insurance policies may be helpful for your needs. 

Cyber Insurance

In the event that your consulting services would face legal allegations against a data breach, you can deal with it through cyber insurance policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When your commercial service vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident, this insurance would assist in handling the situation. Depending on your needs, commercial auto insurance may cover a range of costs, including the repair of the vehicle and other costs of compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Rendering services on the farm exposes your workers to accidents and injuries. The compensation for medical expenses and income supplement may be covered by this insurance.

Products Liability Insurance

While recommending farm products as part of your services, you may face a legal issue against defective ones. That is why it is better to prepare for such cases with products liability insurance

Risks Faced by Agricultural Consultants | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

Risks Faced by Agricultural Consultants

Being an expert agronomist, rendering your service may expose you to various risks of costly legal issues, such as the information below. 

Arrange a customised insurance policy with FD Beck

FD Beck in Australia understands that you need specific insurance requirements. Together with our insurers, our insurance brokers may be able to provide customised services according to your needs. We take into account your agricultural business size, nature of agricultural work, and other agricultural project needs.

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How much is the recommended PI insurance cover for agricultural projects?

As general advice, an agricultural PI policy may provide a cover between $250,000 and $5,000,000. But it can be customised according to your agricultural needs. In the event that your business need further personal assistance, please talk to our broker. 

Should I acquire professional indemnity insurance while working in the agricultural industry?

PI insurance is not a requirement for businesses. But as common advice among consultants, it is relevant protection for claims that may result from the service you provide. 

Can you work on a personal budget I have set for asset protection?

Yes, our insurance broker may assist and give proper advice according to the budget and specific needs. For full product disclosure and information, please discuss it with our reliable broker.

Can I get a quote online?

To get a quick quote easily, please use FD Beck’s free online insurance quoting tool