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Change Management Consultants Insurance

Insurance policy to protect consultants in change management systems
As change management consultants, you are responsible and accountable for the professional advice you give to your clients. This makes you vulnerable to possible professional liability claims. As you help your clients, you should also protect your own business from possible risks you face. FD Beck can help protect change management consultants by arranging suitable consultant insurance policies. We understand the unique risks you face which is why our network of insurance brokers will give insights on the kinds of consultant insurance covers in the change management setup.

What Cover Do Change Management Consultants Need?

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As FD Beck will assist you with arranging a consultant insurance policy, we would take into consideration the many factors that affect the level of cover you require. As part of the process this will include assessing the types of risks you face and your business rating factors such as size, experience, claims history etc.

Here’s the cover that may be included in your management consultants insurance:

1. Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance cover protects you from claims because of unprofessional advice or negligence. As someone who mainly deals with consultation services, you are exposed to professional indemnity claims. This is why professional indemnity insurance is important to have in professions like yours.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance Cover

If you have one or more employees, this business insurance coverage is a requirement. It may cover a claim from an employee who got injured while in the performance of duties.

3. Public Liability Cover

Public Liability insurance policy may cover a claim made by a third party, customers, or clients who get injured within your business premises. Public liability insurance may also cover damage to third party property caused by an accident.

Other Business Insurance Covers You May Need

You may choose to add more consultants insurance coverage to your policy. Let us know of your requirements so we can arrange additional insurance for you.

1. Personal Accident Insurance

Expenses resulting from injury or damage to your personal property may be covered by this policy. These may be expenses that would not be covered by public liability or employer's liability.

2. Business Interruption Insurance

In the event that you or your employees would not be able to work because of some insured events that force your business to close, this business insurance may cover the losses or costs for income.

Risks Consultants Face in Change Management

As a management consultant, you are accountable and liable for the services you give to a big or small business. As they entrust their business to you, a small mistake on your part may lead to heavy losses or costs. Here are some key exposures that consultants in change management may face:

Let FD Beck Assist You

We understand the services that you provide, and these come with unique risks. Here at FD Beck, we can assist you with arranging your consultants insurance policy to help you mitigate the possible risks. We recommend having a Professional Indemnity insurance as a start and possibly add more business insurance products such as public liability cover and other liability insurance coverage. If you’d like to know your professional indemnity insurance quote, you may use our free online quoting tool.


1. As a consultant for change management, how much professional indemnity cover do I need?

This would depend on several factors like if you have a big or small business consultancy, catering to a huge number of customers, and your financial status. Learn more about Professional Indemnity Insurance.

2. Would you be able to work on my budget and still provide consultants insurance?

Yes, we can work around it within your budget. We can recommend the type of policy suitable to your business, financial situation and the risks you face. For more information about the cost of insurance, please view our short video “How much does professional indemnity cost?

3. Would I be able to get quotes online?

Yes. Please use our online calculator to be able to get insurance quotes.