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Practical Solutions for Education Consultants Insurance Needs

Get a highly competitive insurance package for education consultants.

Education consultants insurance can help guard your reputation and business in the event that legal claims occurs.

But it’s hard to find the right policy for small business protection. Not to mention that you need to look for cover with a competitive price. How can you get the right financial product without compromising your business requirements?

As an industry leader for financial solutions in Victoria Australia, FD Beck offers product packages to suit your needs.

If you have specific needs, our professional brokers can make and tailor insurance products and services for you.

Insurance Products for Educators

As an education consultant you need to have a plan in place should you be held liable for breach of a professional duty, that’s why you need professional indemnity insurance to cover disputes along with other products such a Public Liability. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an important cover designed for any legal liability resulting from negligent acts, errors or omissions while providing consultancy services.

For example, when planning and coordinating education policies and establishing guidelines for programs you may make an error or omission. Depending upon the size and nature of the error, your client may file a claim against you.

Public Liability Insurance

Defend yourself from any personal injury or damage to property claims from a third-party. Public Liability Insurance can safeguard you from this.

For instance, if a student was hurt while following your advice or suggested educational activities. Since you offered your services and created the educational plan, you are responsible for the safety of anyone using it.

Thus, when it happens, public liability insurance can cover the legal expenses of any court proceedings as well as claims for compensation.

Insurance Products for Educators Education Consultants Insurance | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

Supplementary Insurance Coverage

Accident and Illness Insurance

An accident and illness insurance can provide a portion of your income until you could work again in your company.

General Asset Insurance Policy

Teaching and consultancy business equipment such as laptops may be expensive to replace. So that is why it is important to get them covered.

Risk Exposures for Education Consultants

The Professional Indemnity insurance FD Beck can arrange on your behalf can help protect you and your business from the following risks. 

1. Negligence of duty to students and learners:

  • Not enough supervision, support, and evaluation
  • Failure to manage and provide support for basic learning needs
  • Failure to provide correct programs and materials
  • Failure to safeguard from inappropriate subject matter

2. Execution of unreasonable disciplinary methods

3. Breach of contract

4. Breach of confidentiality

5. Molestation

6. Inappropriate response to a students medical condition

7. Dishonesty and misrepresentation

8. Allowing inappropriate use by students of the web

Let FD Beck Protect You with the Right Insurance

Just because you’re in the education business for a long time it doesn’t mean that you are immune from potential claims. That is why it is better to get financial advice and put the appropriate insurance policies in place.

Be a smart and prepared educator. Get a quote today!  

FAQs: Professional Indemnity Insurance and Other Information

What if I’m looking for specific information not listed here?

If you need other important business insurance for your educational organization, talk to us, and get to know our company’s range of products and services.

How much protection do education consultants need?

The Limit of Professional Indemnity may depend on the terms and conditions of your projects, size of your business and nature of work. Discuss your requirements with us so we could provide a quote today.

As general advice, how long should I buy public liability and professional indemnity insurance covers?

As long as you’re on the job, training and educational consultants need professional cover for security. furthermore, you may also need Professional Indemnity run-off cover when you’re finished. For more information about run-off cover please refer to you recent blog – What is run-off Professional Indemnity Insurance.  

Can you make it easier to be covered by education consultant's insurance policy?

Yes, simply go to FD Beck’s online professional indemnity calculator, answer a few simple questions to get your instant online quote. Alternatively, we can talk about your application process and the cover requirements designed for your small business.