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Energy Efficiency Consultants Insurance in Melbourne AU

Energy efficiency consultants insurance is essential for everyone involved in energy-related jobs.
How can you shop around for the best advice and insurance protection? FD Beck  can help consultants find the right protection at the right budget. Through our network of insurer partners, we offer financial services to ensure that you get all-around coverage. There is no need to redirect time and energy to insurance shopping since we can work on it for you.

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An energy consultant’s insurance should provide security for you and your company. It should cover a number of potential risks against your business and the services that you provide to your clients

Professional Indemnity Insurance in Melbourne AU

Professional Indemnity insurance covers consultants against claims made by a client alleging they have incurred financial loss as a result of negligence or a breach of professional duty from the services provided by your company.

For instance, even with your proven experience, claims can come from inadequate or incorrect advice, design or specification.

So when a client claims that your erroneous report resulted in them suffering a financial loss, you have protection and comfort knowing you're insured with professional indemnity insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Public and Products Liability Insurance is designed for anyone who interacts with the public or other businesses.

The insurance protects your consultancy in the event that a third party suffers personal injury or property damage as a result of your negligence.

Let’s say while doing a site energy audit, one of the client’s employees was hurt in the process. As part of your legal responsibilities, you have to cover the claim and all recovery-related expenses as a result of the accident.

These kinds of things are covered by public liability insurance.

Risk Exposures for Potential Claims in Melbourne VIC

Check out a number of potential risk exposures that energy efficiency consultants must prepare for.

1. Negligence of work duty related to the following:

  • Improper maintenance of energy equipment;
  • Damaging and/or mishandling energy equipment;
  • The omission of important factors in the review and recommendation of plans; and
  • Mismanagement of authorised and regulated subcontractors resulting in claims for compensation.

2. Providing erroneous recommendations in energy programs.

3. Making wrong recommendations when providing advice in connection to government regulations.

4. Application of wrong rating factors which don’t meet industry standards resulting in additional design costs for the client.

5. Breach of intellectual property rights and confidentiality. 

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Given FD Beck’s network of partner insurers, our professional brokers can arrange a policy specific to your needs. Consultants like you can avoid the financial troubles of claims for monetary loss, personal injury or property damages while doing your job. Energy efficiency consultants in Australia may also experience a number of commercial business risks such as accidental loss or damage to tools or equipment. Get help on additional coverages that provide benefits to your business.


As a business owner and consultant, what if I am not sure if the insurance covers me for a key risk?

For more financial product information, please contact FD Beck to discuss your requirement. You can also send us your name, email address, and telephone number via our contact form so we can connect with you. 

How soon can I get professional indemnity insurance as a consultant? My projects may expose me to a potential claim and require me to get insurance.

Simply go to FD Beck’s online professional indemnity calculator, answer a few simple questions to get your instant Professional Indemnity insurance online quote. Please note that the procurement of the insurance policy depends on your insurance requirements. For more information, including specific terms, you can discuss with our team. 

Can I combine professional indemnity cover with other kinds of business insurance? I am a business owner in Melbourne working on independent consultancy projects.

Go to FD Beck’s online professional indemnity calculator, answer a few simple questions to get your instant online quotes for a range of different insurance policies such as Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability, Cyber Insurance, Management Liability and Property Insurance.