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Environmental Consultants Insurance

Insurance coverage to protect environmental consultants from the repercussions of future claims. 

Insurance For Environment Consultants
Insurance for environmental consultants protects your business against risks that can potentially turn into future liability claims. As an Environmental Consultant, your professional services may include reviewing and auditing pollution controls, energy and water use, ecologically sustainable development, use of hazardous materials, and more.
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Despite your best efforts, you may be held legally liable if an act, error, or omission arises with respect to your professional services.

In this kind of situation, it is important to have a Professional Indemnity insurance in place. 

FD Beck in Australia will assist you with Professional Indemnity insurance and more that meets industry-specific requirements. 

One of our qualified insurer brokers will help in getting an insurance policy that caters to your needs as an environmental consultant or business owner.

Insurance Policies for Environmental Consultants

To cover potential claims, the following insurance for environmental consultants may provide protection for your business. It is also advised to consider them as part of your major risk management strategy.

No business owner is immune to potential acts of negligence, errors, and omissions. So to protect your business against a possible claim for a breach of a professional duty, take advantage of the protection provided by professional indemnity insurance for environmental consultants.

For instance, while providing remediation advice to a mining company incorrect advice was given meaning that expenses paid by the mining company for works were inadequate. As a result a demand for compensation made against you. In this scenario, you may need professional indemnity cover to help handle the legal claim.

Accidents and property damages involving a third party can happen as you fulfil your duties in the field. If it does happen, you can manage the defence costs and compensation through public liability insurance

Common Risk Exposures for Environmental Consultants

Even the best consultant with many years of experience is not immune from the risk of an expensive legal issue.  

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So consider getting an environmental consultants’ professional indemnity and public liability policy as you face these potential issues while working on your projects. 

Arrange the right insurance coverage that meets your industry needs.

Environmental consultants and business owners can face financial instability due to potential claims. Professionals offering their services to a range of different industries such as mining, waste management, industrial, infrastructure, and energy require specific solutions for the risks you face daily.
Our team of brokers understands these risk variations while you take on consulting projects.Through our network of insurers, FD Beck will assist you in arranging a coverage that suits your specific requirements.  Moreover, if arranged, our solutions can also be customised by way of limits and excess for environmental professionals in Victoria and Melbourne.   Explore our  online form to get a quick quote. 


How do I calculate the right professional indemnity cover for my environmental consulting business?

Businesses should consider different factors, including the size of their business, nature of work, length of consultancy experience, and other requirements made for the industry. You can ask advice on complete coverage information with our insurance brokers. 

Does an independent environmental consultant need professional indemnity insurance?

Even when providing services to client as a consultant, you can face professional liability claims as a result of a professional breach. Hence, getting professional indemnity insurance provides protection in case an act resulting in professional liability claims come your way. 

For complete advice and additional services that you need, please talk to our insurance brokers today. 

Can insurance be made according to my budget and need?

The policy will be based on your budget and risk exposures. To know more details and advice about a customised solution, you can discuss this with our insurance brokers.

Is there an online tool or a form on your website that provides a quick quote?

FD Beck’s instant online tool offers a convenient experience for environmental consultants to get a quote. Please complete the form to get an immediate policy estimate.