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Flora and Fauna Consultants Insurance

Arrange suitable insurance policies as protection against claims
Insurance for flora and fauna professionals provides support by managing the repercussions of disputes with clients or a third party. It is not easy to study plants and the wildlife, especially the endangered kind. Weather and other external factors can also put your services at risk. Providing wrong advice or unsatisfactory reports can make you vulnerable to a legal claim. FD Beck in Australia can arrange a suitable insurance package to protect flora and fauna consultants from costly claims. With a team of insurance brokers here at FD Beck, you can get insights into risk assessment before acquiring a cover based on your requirements.

Insurance Coverage for Flora and Fauna Consultants

Working in an environment-sensitive field industry, these important insurance policies may help deal with possible claims.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance covers the legal fees and compensation payouts in case a client lodges a claim against you and your small business due to alleged negligence, omission, or error in your line of work. 

For example, you’re working on plant conservation guidelines for a nature park. But due to changes in weather, the environmental report you provide is rendered ineffective. The client may file a claim for profit loss and demand compensation, which you may be able to handle with professional indemnity insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers important claims of property damage and personal injury involving a third party.

Let’s say while doing environmental surveys in Australia, you accidentally damaged the property of a nearby land owner. 

If the third party demands compensation, you can notify your public liability and let them respond and deal with the demand.

Risk Exposures for Consultants and Small Business Owners

Even the most careful environmental consultants can still have an allegation made against them by a third party. So, protect yourself against the following risks:

FD Beck is here to assist you with arranging suitable insurance coverage

With FD Beck, you can arrange proper insurance protection for issues that may arise in the future. Our team of brokers at FD Beck Insurance Brokers in Melbourne and Victoria understand the specific risks that flora and fauna consultants face. We can offer insights and recommendations to help you arrange an insurance policy that meets your needs. Check our online tool for a quick quote today!


1. What is the level of professional indemnity cover relevant for a consultancy business owner?

On deciding the suitable PI insurance cover, you must consider general factors, including the size of your business, the nature of the contracts you undertake, and contractual requirements. For us to provide a more specific advice for your business, discuss your insurance information with our insurance brokers.

2. Is professional indemnity insurance cover required as an independent flora and fauna consultant?

In general, rendering paid services to clients makes you vulnerable to claims at a certain level. That is why it is better to get insurance coverage in order to lessen the stress of dealing with a legal issue in the future. Learn more about Professional Indemnity Insurance.

3. Can I get a customised policy based on my budget and other requirements?

It may be possible to create a customised coverage including your specific requirements. Please discuss your needs with one of our insurance brokers today. For more information about the cost of insurance please view our short video “How much does professional indemnity cost?

4. Can I get a quick quote online?

Yes, you may use our online quoting tool designed for flora and fauna consultants to get a quick Professional Indemnity insurance quote. But if you have a specific inquiry, please use our contact form on our site and provide your contact details, so we may reach out with a proposal.