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Minimise the stress of claims with a trusted insurance.

Insurance for forestry consultants and consultancy business owners offers some peace of mind while you’re on the job. Professional Indemnity covers claims in respect to costs for defence, investigation, and compensation for alleged professional negligence or breach of duty arising from an act, error or omission. When you’re in the business of forest management, dealing with a diverse environment can be challenging.

Things can go awry in a second despite the best laid plans. And when that happens, a costly claim can be stressful to handle. FD Beck understands the kinds of risks that you’re facing every day. That is why we offer flexible insurance solutions to fit your required cover as per your application.

Insurance Solutions for Forestry Consultants

Forestry consultants need to be careful and prepared at all times. To help with that, here are insurance solutions for a complete cover that your occupation may require.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

PI insurance policies cover professionals against claims (including legal defence costs) of negligence or breach of duty made by a client as a result if receiving professional service or advice from your company.

For example, a client may file a claim against your careless forest inspection and erroneous report. When that happens, professional indemnity insurance may protect you from more stress in handling the situation.

Public Liability Insurance

In dealing with a third-party claim, you may lessen the burden with public liability insurance. It covers personal injury and property damage claims due to your business activities. If you decide to purchase this insurance policy, the liability insurance will include medical costs to compensate for a third party injured.

For instance, while supervising the harvest of timber, one of the fallen trees caused property damage to a nearby structure. So when a third party makes a legal claim for compensation, you may call your insurance brokers for public liability insurance to deal with the cost of the damaged property.

Risks that Forestry Consultants Face

It takes careful planning and dedication to stay on top of your rendered services. But with these risks posing as a potential liability, it’s best to prepare beforehand.
  • Negligence of duty in doing forest inspections
  • Negligence of duty in producing an efficient program for wildlife habitat, water, and soil conservation
  • Committing errors in preparing the report
  • Failure to list the complete amount and area of standing timber and other trees
  • Failure to classify suitable markets available for harvested trees
  • Failure to supervise and monitor forestry activities
  • Failure to create effective plans for forest land and resources management
  • Failure to follow legal protocols and regulations

Reap the benefits of the right protective cover.

FD Beck offers professional insurance services for clients in Melbourne, Victoria, and other cities in Australia. With a wide network of insurers, we also provide flexible options that suit your application requirements.

To make it easier for forestry consultants to get covered, our quote calculator online and other information are available online. When your business or professional reputation is protected, you may focus your energy and time on your responsibilities instead of thinking about the risks. 

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As a forestry consultant, how much professional indemnity cover should I get?

In general, PI insurance Limit options range between $500,000 to $5,000,000 coverage. But the right policy cover still depends on the nature of your projects, contractual requirements, or the size of your business. For further information about how much PI to buy refer to our helpful blog “How much Professional Indemnity does a consultant or freelance professional need?

What is the standard budget for public liability and PI insurance policy?

The key rating factors used to calculate your PI premium include occupation, professional fees, size of business, policy limit and claims experience. For further information about “how much PI costs” refer to our helpful blog.

Can I get a quote online for a policy?

Yes, please use our tool online to get a quote for a convenient policy calculation. But if you need more details, you may send an email or call us for more details regarding your planned policy.

Do I really need PI insurance if I'm a business owner or an independent consultant?

It is ideal to have insurance in case of potential claims arising from business activities in the future. For further assistance, you may refer to our useful guide “Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance in Australia and why?