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Home Sustainability Consultants Insurance

With specialised services come unique liability risks for professionals and business owners involved in sustainability projects.
Home Sustainability Consultants Insurance
A professional cover gives them peace of mind while managing clients’ needs. As an industry leader for insurance solutions in Victoria Australia, FD Beck provides professional liability insurance policy suitable for home sustainability consultants.

What is Professional Indemnity for Home Sustainability Consultants?

Professional Indemnity insurance cover provides protection against potential claims made by clients alleging they have suffered financial loss because of a breach of a professional duty from services provided by you. Whilst PI is for protection against liability for compensation and financial costs related to providing advice and service handling, a public/products liability insurance covers your business against damage and/or injury occurring in your public premises at the time of business.

Who needs this cover?

A professional consultant involved in Home Sustainability needs this cover as an insurance solution to protect them from the professional risks they face. A professional providing advice is regarded by their customer as an expert and is therefore potentially exposed to a claim being made against them if their advice is wrong. 

What can cause a claim?

FD Beck has the expertise to understand the risks faced by Home Sustainability professionals. 

Claims can come from:

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What are the Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Access to Legal Firms

Losing a claim made against you can result in massive financial costs and legal expenses. Furthermore, some claims take years before they are settled, leaving a large bill for court costs and lawyers’ fees. PI insurer gives you access to some of Australia’s top legal firms. Even when successful, defending a claim can be costly.

The appointment of a lawyer to defend your business is handled by your insurance company when you have a PI claim. These companies have a panel of legal firms. They are selected for their competence in handling PI claims.

Due to these legal firms specialise in PI claims, they may be able to resolve the matter quicker than what otherwise could be achieved. Without PI cover, you may not be able to afford these specialist business firms. This is just one of the benefits of PI cover.

Concentrate of Operating Your Business

In the event of a PI claim, it is not just the financial cost you worry about. It is the time and stress required for a legal demand made against you for a breach of a professional duty. PI cover can help ensure that your business keeps operating, whilst the insurers and their lawyers manage the claim.

Secure your business operation by getting the right cover. Use our quoting tool today.


Why choose FD Beck for Home Sustainability Consultants Insurance?

FD Beck is devoted to making life easier for you by allowing you to get quotes in minutes with just a few clicks of a button. Alternatively, if you do need help, one of our qualified brokers are only a phone call away to help answer your questions about what cover you may or may not need.

What insurance does a Home Sustainability Consultant require?

We have already referenced professional liability insurance products like Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability cover above. As a consultant, one typically needs valuable tools such as laptops, smartphones and other electronic equipment that require protecting. 

We can arrange general property and business insurance policy to protect your portable equipment from events such as fire, storm, theft, or accidental damage. For a quick quote, go to FD Beck’s online calculator.

Can I get a quote online?

There are a variety of business insurance products and covers online. Go to FD Beck’s quick quote tool to get your Professional Indemnity or Public & Products Liability insurance quote. Answer a few simple questions to generate your online quote.