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Hygiene Consultants Insurance

Customised liability insurance for hygiene consultants’ protection against possible claims
Hygiene Consultants Insurance
Hygiene consultants specialise in providing advice to companies on health and safety protocols. However, when it comes to food and safety, it can get complicated. When matters go wrong and clients demand to be compensated, the consultant may be legally held accountable.

Hygiene consultants can mitigate the effects of legal actions with a liability insurance. FD Beck can provide a customised liability insurance with the help of our network of professional liability and risk insurance providers in Australia.

Why Do Hygiene Consultants Need Insurance?

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Hygiene consultants are expected to uphold a certain level of professionalism in their work. 

Any mistake or misguidance on your part can result in possible legal action against you in respect to your legal responsibility. If you are proven legally liable, it can even be more costly.

Hygiene consultants liability insurance can cover the defence costs of the claim and other associated financial losses.

Liability Insurance for Hygiene Consultants

Two main types of insurance can protect hygiene consultants from claims made against their professional services. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance protects a hygiene consultant against claims on negligence or alleged negligence of professional duty arising from an act, omission, or error.

When a hygiene consultant overlooks a health and safety compliance requirement, for example, a client can declare that they were misguided and can ask for compensation.

Professional indemnity insurance can cover the legal defence costs and other associated demand for compensation.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance covers personal injury or property damage to third party members of the public. This can range from bodily injury sustained by your clients while visiting your place of business, or when you cause injury by way of an accident to a third party while you are out in public carrying our your work.

Your business may also accidently damage to your client’s property in the course of your consultancy work. If you have a public liability insurance policy, you may be able to cover third party demands for compensation and other costs such as repair and replacement of damaged property.

Is there a limit of indemnity for Hygiene Consultant's Insurance?

A consultant may decide on the Limit of their Professional Indemnity insurance, as insurance companies generally offer limits ranging between $500,000 to $10,000,000. 

Such limit is determined after evaluating the level of exposure in the business and projecting the probability of a claim emerging from the said exposure. 

You may also want to increase the limit of indemnity of the policy as years pass and your business grows.

Key Exposures in the Hygiene and Safety Industry
The size of the clientele and extent of consultancy services offered are factors in calculating the risks for hygiene consultants.

Here are some risks that a hygiene consultant might encounter:

Arrange a Customised Insurance Policy with FD Beck Insurance Brokers

FD Beck understands the risks involved in consultancy work. Especially for hygiene consultants, there are unique exposures that are specific to you. Through our network of insurance companies we can offer insights on the level of coverage you need while addressing your requirements.

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1. How much professional indemnity policy cover do I need?

Generally, professional indemnity insurance may be able to provide between $500,000 and $10,0000,0000 of coverage. What is right for you will depend on the nature of work and any insurance contractual requirements you may have.

2. Do all Hygiene Consultants need professional indemnity insurance?

Some professions in Australia are mandated to have professional indemnity insurance. Although not mandatory for all, some clients may require hygiene consultants to secure professional indemnity insurance, especially if you charge a fee for a service.

3. Is there a retroactive date for a hygiene consultants' professional indemnity policy?

Yes, it is possible to include a retroactive date for a PI insurance policy. Typically the retroactive date is the date from when you first purchased professional indemnity insurance.

4. I have a budget for a hygiene consultant's insurance coverage. Can you create a package based on my budget?

Yes, our professional insurance broker can discuss the price and coverage of your insurance policy based on your budget and requirements.

5. Is there a way for a new quote to be provided online?

Yes, please use our online insurance quoting tool.