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Meteorologist Insurance in Australia

Suitable insurance cover tailored for professionals in the field of meteorology
Meteorologist Insurance
Weather forecasts are not the only thing meteorologists do. They can also teach, conduct research, provide reports, or act as consultants for large companies. In any endeavour, there are certain risks.
It may be advisable for professionals in this field to hold some level of insurance cover to help protect them from claims due to negligence or alleged negligence in the services they provide. FD Beck Insurance Brokers has a team of qualified insurance brokers who can help meteorologists arrange a suitable insurance policy. These can be customised according to your requirements and the level of cover you need.

Types of Insurance for Meteorologists

Besides weather stations, many other institutions could use the skills and services of meteorologists. These include government agencies, universities, and private companies. Mistakes in reports could lead to an allegation of negligence by a third party resulting in a costly claim for compensation including legal defence costs.

Meteorologists may turn to an insurance policy to help cover legal and court fees, should they find themselves facing such allegations. Professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance covers may be suitable for your business.

An inaccuracy in studying atmospheric conditions and weather data may result in a significant loss for the company for which meteorologists work. Any professional negligence may result in a legal claim being lodged. This is where Professional Indemnity insurance becomes useful as it covers you from claims due to professional negligence, act error, or omission. It is recommended to have a PI insurance policy as it may cover the cost of defending claims and any damages payable.

This type of insurance may provide protection from allegations of injury or property damage filed by either the company you consult to, a client or a member of the public.

Public liability insurance can assist you with paying for medical compensation and other legal defence costs associated in the settlement of such a claim. It can also cover repair or replacement costs of third party property damaged or lost as a result of your negligence.

Risk Exposures for a Meteorologist

With the many opportunities in meteorology come potential risks. The following are some of the risks that these professionals may face.

Arrange Customised Insurance Cover with FD Beck

We recognise the risk exposures that come with your responsibilities as a meteorologist. That is why we can recommend an insurance policy that fits your needs and requirements.

With the many insurance products available, it may be difficult to choose. Our team of qualified insurance brokers can help you with insights and assist you with customising your insurance policy so that it becomes appropriate and suitable to your needs.

You can also explore our online quoting tool to get quotes.


1) How much indemnity insurance do meteorologists need?

Professional indemnity for meteorologists coverage ranges from $500,000 to $5,000,000. Depending on the type of services your provide, it could also be higher and possible go up to $10,000,000. You can check what professional indemnity covers to help you decide on the level of indemnity you need.

2) Do all meteorologists need professional indemnity?

In Australia, there is no law requiring public indemnity insurance. However, it is recommended for professionals who charge fees for service or advice. There are also factors to consider before deciding how much PI to buy, especially for consultants and freelance professionals.

3) How much does insurance cost a weather forecaster?

For Professional Indemnity cover premiums can potentially start as low as $350 for $500,000. This figure can go higher, depending on your specific business exposures such as annual professional fees earned, number of staff and PI Limit of Indemnity. As general advice, you can use FD Beck’s free online insurance quoting tool and answer a few simple questions and find out how much insurance costs in your industry.

4) Can you customise the insurance policy?

Yes, we can help you create a cover best suited to your business needs and according to your budget. It may also help to know what public liability covers in case you would need to add this policy in the future.

5) Can I request a quote online?

Please use our free online insurance quoting tool at your convenience. Simply answer a few simple questions to generate your Professional Indemnity insurance quote.