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Museum Consultants Curators Insurance in Victoria AU

Preserve your reputation and financial status as a curator.

Museum Consultants/ Curators Insurance

Insurance for museum consultants and curators can provide an ideal cover for anyone working with prized collections. It gives you the confidence to handle the responsibilities of your work in the museum.

Why do you need insurance as a museum curator?

As a consultant or consultancy business operator, you have to maintain the museum or be the liaison when a collection is on loan. Potential risks such as a liability or professional indemnity claim should be considered.

FD Beck can help ease the stress of claims by arranging insurance specific to your industry. Let one of our professional brokers help handle the financial implications of a legal claim.

In the event of a claim the cost of legal fees and compensation payouts made against your or your business can make you financially vulnerable.

Moreover, museum management trust that a consultant will have the right insurance policy in place.

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Insurance for Museum Curators and Consultants in Australia

So how do you start to protect yourself (or your business)? Here is the basic coverage you should get.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Melbourne AU

Offering your paid technical expertise makes you responsible for your service. So when a client makes an allegation of a professional breach against you, Professional Indemnity insurance can help.

For example, you made a mistake in creating the catalogue that resulted in your client losing money. Since they lost profit due to your slipup, they are demanding compensation.

If you have a professional indemnity cover, then you have one less thing to worry about – your professional indemnity policy will respond to the allegation.

Public Liability Insurance in Melbourne AU

Public liability insurance takes care of anything related to claims involving third-party personal injury or property damage. It means accident injury or property damage involving a member of the public.

Here’s an example. During a schedule of a public exhibition setup, one of your employees drops and damages a painting.

If you have public liability cover, your insurer can manage the demand made against you and negotiate the payout settlement on your behalf.

Common Risks Faced by Museum Consultants and Curators

While displaying and cataloguing collection items these are possible risks faced in the industry.

1. Negligence of duty in terms of:

  • Mismanagement of museum specimens and/or artifacts
  • Inappropriate planning in respect to exhibiting of collections
  • Poor supervision of artifacts resulting in damage or theft
  • Substandard performance on the purchase, sale, and exchange of collections resulting in loss of profit

2. Breach of trust in terms of:

  • Misuse of funds and grants
  • Unauthorised access to museum data
female curator at exhibition opening
Lessen the stress in taking care of the museum through FD Beck’s insurance solutionsFocus on your job as a museum consultant and curator rather than worry about possible claims. Experience reliable service with our professional insurance brokers from Melbourne and Victoria today. Use our insurance quoting calculator now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is professional indemnity insurance necessary for a consultant like me?

All consultants can benefit from the protection of PI insurance policy. If your work is skilled, your required a period of study or formal education or your part of a collective then you should have PI insurance. It is important to know that PI cover gives you access to some of Australia’s best legal firms in the event of a claim.

How much professional indemnity cover is needed? What else should I include in my search for a suitable insurance cover?

Professional Indemnity insurance can cover between $500,000 and $5,000,000. When deciding on a cover, please take into consideration, business size and nature of work, to name a few, to get the right level of a PI or business insurance. For more information, please contact our insurance brokers for accurate policy advice.

Can I get a quick quote from your website?

Please use our free online quoting tool to obtain an instant professional indemnity quote. Answer a handful of questions in order to an online quote in minutes.

Can you customise coverage based on my budget and policy requirements?

Yes, our professional brokers can discuss your requirements. Please contact us for additional details. Moreover, if you or your business needs coverage for a specific potential liability, please contact our insurance brokers for assistance.