Organisation Design Consultants Insurance

Arrange a tailored solution to suit your coverage requirements.
Organisation Design Consultants Insurance
As an Organisation Design consultant, you need the right consultant insurance.

It helps create a safeguard as you define and organise the structure of companies, create job titles, and allocate personnel in the right areas to create efficiency and improve productivity.

What happens if an omission on you part during the assessment phase leads to a wrong recommendation that results in a claim? 

Dealing with the situation may not only result in a financial loss to your consulting business but also damage your reputation. How can you protect your business and reputation too?

As a specialist insurance broker, FD Beck offers comprehensive insurance packages for organisation design consultants. 

With professional indemnity and public liability insurance at your side, you can sidestep challenges due to potential litigation.

Insurance Solutions for Consultants

Protect yourself against the consequences of sudden claims with a PI insurance policy.

Professional Indemnity insurance helps out as you battle through alleged negligence or error in carrying out your professional services. Especially if the act results in financial loss to your client's business. From the investigation cost to the legal defence expenses, this kind of coverage can help out in managing the situation. 

For instance, after assessment and analysis you make a recommendation that the marketing team of your client should be much larger than the sales team. Following implementation the strategy failed, leading to the company making a loss. When a client takes legal action against you alleging a breach in professional services, your professional indemnity insurance covers the legal expenses and claim for compensation.

It covers any damage to property or injury to a third-party. For example, it can cover claims for expenses against you when an accident involving a member of the public happens on your business premises. It also provides liability cover in respect of a claim that your employees caused while doing their job at a client's premises. 

Your public liability insurance not only covers the claim for compensation from the injured person but also your legal costs to manage the claim.

Key Exposures for Organisation Design Consultants

Challenging situations can come up in a matter of minutes. And in your trade as consultants, it can mean encountering the following risks.

Purchase a policy to protect your consulting business against possible claims.

As one of the oldest insurance brokerages in Melbourne and Victoria, FD Beck has a wide network of insurers in Australia. We can give you a competitive insurance quote. 

As we understand the different risks that your business faces, we can also customise a product to fit your policy needs.

Lessen your worries while managing your responsibilities by ensuring that you have the right cover in place. Use our quoting tool and acquire a policy today!


How much is the standard cost of professional indemnity and public liability insurance?

There is no standard cost when it comes to PI insurance and other kinds of insurance. But there are factors to consider, including the size of your organisation, risks you’re facing, and type of work you’re doing for clients. You can get an instant online quote in 3 simple step by using our insurance quoting tool.

Do I need insurance coverage even when I'm working as a consultant?

We understand that different organisations have differing contracts with various terms and conditions. For more information on this topic we suggest you read our helpful blog about consultants or freelance professionals.

How easy is it to get insurance service from FD Beck insurance brokers?

You can get an online quote within minutes by simply using our insurance quoting tool.