Strategic Planning Consultants Insurance

Get customised insurance cover to protect you from potential claims.

Strategic planning consultants assist clients in building strong and effective strategies for organisation development to meet their long-term goals. Businesses rely on these types of specialists to help improve policies and processes, but with such critical responsibilities come unique risks for advisers.

An insurance policy can help protect strategic planning consultants against potential claims that may arise from wrong advice or unsatisfactory work. In this industry, a slight mistake in consulting duty can make a consultant vulnerable to the risk of a legal dispute.

FD Beck may be able to protect strategic planning consultants by arranging customised insurance policies that fit their requirements. With a network of insurance companies that we deal with, we offer insights on what insurance coverage may be arranged according to specific needs.

Insurance Coverage for Strategic Planning Consultants

Any omissions and errors made by strategic planning advisors can result in financial claims. FD Beck can arrange customised insurance policies such as professional indemnity and public liability insurances as the main protection for consultants.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance Strategic Planning Consultants Insurance | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

This policy is designed to cover professionals from the potential claim arising from an alleged breach of consulting / professional duty. It responds to claims made against your business by a third party alleging that your services caused them financial loss.

For instance, a consultant provided a wrong report from a survey assessment to its employees that it resulted in miscommunication and insufficient time for the planning process. If a claim for compensation is made, a Professional Indemnity insurance in Victoria may cover the consultant from the possible costs that may be payable at law.

Public Liability Insurance

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Public liability insurance (also know as General Liability) is recommended to self-employed, consultant, contractor, or any businesses that require public interactions. It protects the business from incurring costs for injuries or property damage while conducting business activities.

If you visit your client’s office and your actions led to injury to another person, you become publicly liable. In the same way, you are also liable if an accident happens upon a client (or any other member of the public) visiting your business premises for consultation. If a claim is made against you, General Liability insurance can safeguard you from the legal costs of claims including third party compensation.

Public Liability insurance can also protect you against property damage whilst in the course of your business activities, such as if a client’s valuable item is broken or lost. Public liability insurance may cover the costs of replacement or the loss of the third parties item.

Key Risk Exposures for Strategic Planning Consultants

Various situations may put consultants at risk due to their critical work. Consultants are exposed to:

FD Beck is here to assist in arranging customised insurance

Having the appropriate coverage for consultants comes from careful assessment of risks. FD Beck recognises the unique risks that planning consultants face. As such, FD Beck will walk you through the types of insurance protection. We connect with a wide network of insurers in Australia to offer insights and recommendations so we can customise your policy to fit your needs and requirements.

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1. Why do strategic planning consultants require a professional indemnity policy?

PI insurance may cover consultants when they incur a wrongful act, error, or omission, which can lead to financial and / or legal costs following an allegation from a client. Learn more about Professional Indemnity Insurance.

2. How much PI coverage do I need?

In general, the insurance covers $500,000 to $5,000,000 in Australia, although a policy has no standard Limit. The insurance coverage depends on important business or management factors such as the nature of the business, business size, and other special requirements. For more information, watch this short video: “How much professional indemnity do I need as a consultant?”

3. How to get a quote online?

Simply access our calculator tool online and answer some important questions to receive a quick quote for an insurance policy.

4. Can a policy be customised according to my budget?

Yes. FD Beck’s professional insurance brokers can customise a policy depending on your budget and company needs. Visit the FD Beck website and answer some questions to get a quick assessment and Professional Indemnity insurance quote for the coverage you need.