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Fine wines are among the biggest exports of Australian agriculture, and oenologists and winemakers are the authority in the wine industry. Oenologists supervise and manage the various stages of wine production. They coordinate with viticulturists to grow and harvest grapes, manage fermentation, oversee the aging and bottling process. Furthermore, they can develop new wines and be involved in the managerial side of the winemaking business.
Businesses turn to oenologists and winemakers for expert wine-related advice and for their skills and winemaking techniques. An accidental mistake from these wine professionals while providing their services can result in significant losses to their clients, making them exposed to potential claims.
Whether you are an oenologist or a winemaker, you will need adequate protection in the event of a dispute. Australian insurance company FD Beck offers suitable insurance to protect your business against claims.

Winery and Vineyard Insurance Products that Oenologists and Winemakers Need in Melbourne AU

Dealing with a claim can be very costly. You may get cover against potential claims on vineyard and winery-related risks with Professional Indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Oenologists oversees laboratory technicians who analyse samples of wine while it ages. Depending upon a wine's chemical composition, oenologists decide when a wine can be blended and bottled. Getting this process wrong can have significant financial implications. As specialists, PI insurance is particularly helpful for oenologists and winemakers to protect them from the exposures they face. It provides protection while dealing with claims due to an accidental professional breach when providing services. A PI policy's coverage includes the legal costs incurred whilst defending a claim along with costs awarded as compensation.

Public Liability Insurance

You may accidently give instructions to blend the wrong grape varieties together, spoiling the wine in the process. You can get coverage in this case with public liability (PL) insurance, which covers the costs of legal proceedings and compensation due to claims made for property damage as a result of your actions.

We understand that choosing the right insurance cover can be complicated. But with the expertise of insurance brokers at FD Beck Australia, we’ll help you choose a policy tailored to your requirements.

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Key Exposures for Oenologists and Winemakers and Vineyard Owners

Given the nature of work, wine specialists are exposed to the following risks:

Get an Insurance Tailored to Your Winemaking Business

Making fine wines is a delicate process where so many things may go wrong. FD Beck can arrange insurance products that work within your requirements and financial budget.

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How much professional indemnity cover does an oenologist need?

You may need between $500,000 and $5,0000,0000 of PI protection, depending on the size of you operation, exposures, and needs of your business. You may refer to this video or use our free quote calculator to get a quick approximation.

Is it a legal requirement for oenologists or winemakers to have PI insurance?

No, but if you provide any service that is relied upon by other people of businesses, it’s likely that you require PI insurance to protect you and your business. Not having PI insurance represents a serious business risk. Check out this video to know more.

Can you arrange a Professional Indemnity insurance policy based on my budget?

Yes, our professional insurance brokers will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and budget. They will discuss the right insurance package with you that works within your financial limits while providing adequate coverage for your business. 

How can I get a quick quote online?

Simply head over to our online quick quote calculator and use the tool to get a quote for free.