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How Much Professional Indemnity Do I Need in My Industry?

The most common question that FD Beck is asked is “How much indemnity insurance do I need?” Read on.

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The most common question that FD Beck is asked is “How much indemnity insurance do I need?” For a start, there are three questions to consider:

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying PI Insurance Cover

1. What would it cost to fix the problem? Remember, you client may not want you to solve the issue.
2. What’s the maximum compensation that could be awarded against you?
3. What are the potential legal cost to defend your business?


As always, you should seek expert advice before buying Professional Indemnity insurance cover. Visit to see if you are one of more than 150 occupations we cover.

FD Beck has a free online insurance quoting tool tailored for contractors, consultants or freelance professionals. In fact, our online calculator has almost 150 professional occupations to choose from. FD Beck’s online PL insurance calculator offers limits options of $5,000,000, $10,000,000, and $20,000,000. Better still, our online calculator includes other products such as PI and Cyber Insurance. That’s just to name a few. For over 100 years, FD Beck has protected Australians. Rest assured, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle every aspect of your insurance needs.
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Simon Pascoe

For the past 27 years Simon has enjoyed a career in the Insurance industry as both a broker and underwriter. Prior to being a director at FD Beck Simon had a successful 8‐year management career with one of the worlds largest general insurers, which saw him deal with and structure insurance programs for some of Australia’s largest insurance purchasers.

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