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Is professional indemnity insurance compulsory or a legal requirement?

For many businesses, professional indemnity is not a legal requirement.

In fact, in Australia quite often the only insurance that is required at law is workers compensation insurance. That’s only for those companies with employees.

However, for some industries professional bodies or regulators make professional indemnity mandatory. For example, if you’re a member of a professional accounting body such as the CPA, it’s compulsory. Members must have a minimum level of $2 million professional indemnity insurance cover to be registered with the CPA. Another example is in Queensland, where legislation requires compulsory pool inspections. These inspections must be done by a registered certifier for properties being sold or leased with a pool. Before a pool inspector can be registered, it is mandatory that they have professional indemnity insurance.

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When trying to determine if Professional Indemnity insurance in Australia is mandatory or optional for your business, we suggest the following:

Whilst PI may not be compulsory, you may still need it!

In summary, if you provide any service that is relied upon by other people or businesses, you may need PI insurance to protect you. In fact, not having PI Insurance often represent a serious business risk.

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