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Owner Builder Insurance Construction Calculator

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Owner Builder Insurance Construction FAQ

The exact extent of your cover will depend on what your needs are, as well as the terms of the policy you take out.

Your policy will be project specific and non-renewable, therefore cover will terminate at the end of the insurance period stated in your policy’s schedule or at the time of practical completion; whichever occurs first.

Owner Builder Insurance Warranty Calculator

If you require Home Warranty or Home Indemnity Insurance in NSW or WA please call our specialists for a quote on 1300 155 338.

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Owner Builder Insurance Warranty FAQ

As a Victorian owner builder you are required to purchase owner builder warranty insurance to protect any subsequent owners of your completed project.

Owner Builder Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) (also commonly referred to as Owner Builder Warranty Insurance) is for the benefit of the purchaser or subsequent purchaser of your property and not the owner builder.