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Owner builder construction insurance is a necessity for any owner builder. FD Beck provides comprehensive insurance advice to all owner builders in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, including a handy automatic quote system.

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Owner Builder Calculation – Construction

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 99999999.
  • (For Victoria, please specify which fire authority insurance you will be under)

  • These calculations are only valid if you agree to all of the statements below. If you disagree with any of these statements, call 1300 155 338 to receive your personalized quote.
    • You are an Owner Builder who is carrying out New Constructions, Alterations or Extensions to Dwellings &/or Home Units but the construction does not involve Stand-alone Swimming Pool or Spa construction.
    • The Construction site is not located north of Bundaberg in Queensland, North of Geraldton in Western Australia & in Northern Territory.
    • You have not made any claim(s) on an insurance policy for loss or damage, individually or cumulative over $5,000.
    • You have never had any insurance declined or cancelled, application rejected, renewal refused, claim rejected, special conditions or excess imposed by an insurer.
    • You have not suffered any loss or damage which would have been covered by this proposed insurance policy.
    • You have not suffered Bankruptcy or ever been involved in a company or business which became insolvent or subject to any form of insolvency administration.
    • You have not been convicted of any criminal offence within the past 5 years (other than traffic convictions).
    • The Construction Works has not progressed beyond Slab Stage.
    • The Construction Works is not under, over, in or near water (within 10 metres of water) or Exposure to Flooding or Escape of Water.
    • The Construction Works does not involve Piling, Shoring, Propping or Underpinning.
    • The Construction Works does not involve any demolition exceeding 5m above ground.
    • The Construction Works does not involve house raising, restumping or relocating.
    • There is no Labour Hire, i.e. engaging an Independent Labour Hire Company to recruit workers.
    • The Construction Works does not involve removing of Asbestos.
    • All structural element has been designed or supervised by a structural engineer.
    • There is no erection of machinery or plant.
    • The construction site is not located without public road access.
    • The Construction works does not involve commercial building or civil works.
    • There is no construction of any building or structure exceeding 3 storey.
    • There is no excavation greater than 3m.
    • There is no construction works to Heritage Buildings or buildings over 120 years old
    • Victorian Adjoining Property Protection is not required.
    • There is no construction works on the Boundary of the property.
    • There is no construction works to any Shared or Common Walls.
    • If insuring Existing Structures, all structures are secured and lockable.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.