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From Cover to Claim: A Guide to Public Liability Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Imagine this, a customer is inside your business property and they slip and fall. They get injured and pay for medical costs which they sue you for compensation. Public liability will help you cover the costs of medical treatment. This is just one instance where this insurance comes in handy.

Public liability insurance will safeguard your business for any third-party injury, loss or damage to property, and even death. Of course, not all insurances will have perfect and complete coverage. Learn more about public liability insurance covers, what it does not, and whether you need it or not.

Public Liability Insurance: Its Scope, Cover, and Limitations​

It has already been said that public liability will cover expenses that result from third-party injury, loss, and damage happening inside your property during the business activities. This is where we break down the cover it offers and learns more about the scope of the cover this insurance provides businesses and professionals.  

What is the Scope and Cover of Public Liability Insurance?

Every insurance will have specific things that they cover. Just like professional indemnity insurance covers any claims against malpractice, public liability will cover specific claims and expenses as well which will be tackled properly in this article. With this insurance, you can rest assured that your business will be covered in the following events:

If you do not want to find yourself in a horrible situation because of claims and lawsuits, you should have this policy for the best interest of your business.

Does Public Liability Insurance Have Limitations?

Public liability, like other insurances, has it’s limited to the amount of cover it provides. You should consider some instances wherein this insurance for public liability will not be useful and know the level of cover you have:

You should also take note that a public liability insurance policy will not cover all the costs. All policies will have excess- which is the amount you have to pay yourself.

How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Usually cost?

If you are a business owner, it would be in your best interest to get this type of business insurance. It will be handy in the long run. You may now be wondering how much this insurance will cost you and your business. There are many factors to consider regarding costs. Public liability costs depend on factors like: 

These are just some factors affecting the possible costs of your policy. You can always call on FDbeck for more clarification on the matter or get a quote based on these factors.

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?​​​

There are a lot of businesses and professions in Melbourne, Victoria that can benefit from this insurance. It is highly recommended if you are self-employed, own a business that requires you to interact with people and customers, or a contractor. Basically, any business that has the risk of having accidents happen within their premises.

You could ask yourself these questions to know if you need this type of coverage.

  1. Do you provide a service for clients or customers?
  2. Do you operate in a public space?
  3. Would visitors ever need to enter your business premises?
  4. Does your business involve visiting properties owned by others?
  5. Do you ever manufacture products?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you should go for a public liability insurance right away. The mere fact that you are dealing with the public, in any form, means you are vulnerable to risks that this business insurance covers. This will also protect you from risks associated with claims of negligence.

All businesses in Australia carry the risk of third-party bodily injuries or damages to property and this business insurance will definitely help lessen the blow to your financial situation or needs. So, for a shortlist, these are some of the businesses that should do well to make use of public liability insurance:

The Important Role of Public Liability Insurance in Every Industry

There is always the chance of accidents happening in your business in Australia. With the right policy, you can continue running or operating knowing that if things go south, you will not end up in a dire financial need or struggle to make ends meet trying to pay off legal defense costs, claims, and lawsuits. A lot of customers will also check if you have this type of business insurance as they would also suffer from the backlash of getting injured, or losing their stuff, within your property. As general advice, you should always be ready for any kind of situation. Public liability insurance is a must for every company or profession that deals with people on a daily basis. Accidents happen and there is no other way to be prepared for it than getting insured. FDbeck offers insurance policies and coverage to help you protect and safeguard your investment. Visit our website to know more about the insurance products we offer.