Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every business is different and that’s why we ask the right questions at the right time to ensure your policy is tailored to suit your business needs.

Our goal is simple, to ensure that you are provided with the best cover available for your business at the most affordable price.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Protection from data breaches starts with risk transfer and a tailored Cyber Liability Insurance Policy.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit, private company, family business, publicly listed entity, even Government agency, if you are generating an annual turnover greater than 3 million dollars, you are now accountable.

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Business Interruption Insurance

Being in charge of, or owning a business is fraught with many risks and exposures, and often these risks are unseen.

BI Insurance is a brilliant way to insure you and your business against unforeseen and potentially disastrous events.

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Management Liability

Importantly a tailored insurance policy is available to cover not only your business balance sheet but also your personal assets.

Management Liability Insurance aims to cover the costs of defending Directors, high and low-level managers and employees against any claims that are the results of any individual’s decisions or actions.

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Jewellers Block Insurance

There are many types of Insurance policies available but only one that has been designed specifically for Jewellers.

This policy is commonly known as a Jewellers Block policy. The policy provides cover for a multitude of things (Contents & Stock) including inter alia:

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General Liability

Whilst General Liability Insurance is not compulsory for most companies, it is recommended for all businesses.

That is because the unpredictable nature of accidents makes them difficult to prevent and the costs of being sued can be astronomically high. General Liability includes both Public Liability & Products Liability.

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Property Insurance

Business owners can benefit from taking out affordable and comprehensive insurance to help protect their premises, stock and equipment.

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Ask Our Brokers About Insuring Your Business

In the current climate, choosing the wrong plan could potentially be disastrous, and leave you worse off in the long run.

The world of Business Insurance is a complicated, daunting and often at times overwhelming one- with so many providers and types of plans-with the exclusions not always clear.

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Are You Getting The Right Cover For Your Business?

So, you’re a business owner and you want to make sure that you, your staff and your premises are protected

We provide expert advice to you, freeing you up so you don’t have to worry about researching policy options and looking up industry jargon

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