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Horticultural Consultants Insurance

Suitable insurance to protect your consultancy profession from possible claims.
Horticultural consultants are professional advisors who identify and evaluate horticultural issues and offer technical or business advice to commercial and government clients. They usually have a bachelor’s degree or at least a post-secondary certificate. No matter how careful a horticultural consultant is in their consulting work, one is still exposed to a variety of risks that could result with a client lodging a claim. Horticultural consultants need suitable insurance coverage to help cover the possible cost of an insurance claim including the legal defence costs.

What kind of insurance does a horticultural consultant need?

There are essentially two forms of liability insurance for a horticultural consultant that need to be addressed.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance for horticultural consultants protects them from liability claims made due to a breach or alleged breach of professional duty.

The coverage may include the claim for compensation as well as legal defence expenses, from investigation to court appearances.

Public Liability Insurance Horticultural Consultants Insurance | FD Beck Insurance Brokers

Public Liability Insurance

A public liability insurance policy protects horticultural consultants from claims made in relation to injury or property damage that happens during the course of operation.

In your consultancy work, it's likely that you visit your clients on-site, which potentially makes you vulnerable to claims against you for bodily injuries or property damage. This liability insurance will help protect you against the cost of settling and / or defending claims for compensation.

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What is the Limit of Indemnity under PI and liability insurance policies?

Your Limit of Indemnity is the monetary compensation provided by a professional indemnity insurance policy. You can select the limit you need for liability insurance based on an evaluation of your needs, as well as any contractual requirements that might be imposed. It is important to have the correct Limit of Indemnity to avoid the disastrous consequences of being underinsured for any claims made against you.

Use the online calculator to check the Limit of Indemnity for liability insurance for horticultural consultants.

Other Insurance Products for Horticultural Consultants

Aside from the public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies, here are other coverages you mat want to consider in order to protect your business.

Business Insurance

Business insurance can provide cover for your business premises and contents against loss, damage, or theft with an option to include business interruption cover follow loss or damage.

Cyber Insurance

As a business, you have the legal liability to protect client information from cyber theft. Cyber insurance policy will cover this such as:

Key Risk Exposures for Horticultural Consultants

Horticultural consultants are exposed to several risks which could be a burden if a client decides to take legal action against you. Some of these risks include;

Arrange a Suitable Insurance Policy
with FD Beck

FD Beck  can arrange customised insurance packages that meet the needs of horticultural consultants. We provide insights into what coverage can be arranged based on individual requirements through our network of insurance companies. Use our online calculator to get a quote.


1. How much does professional indemnity insurance for a horticultural consultant cost?

The cost of a professional indemnity insurance policy for horticultural consultants will depend on various factors, including the nature of your work, how much work you undertake each year, and your claims experience, and the limit of indemnity required.

2. Is public liability coverage included in my horticultural consultants professional indemnity insurance policy?

The regular professional indemnity policy for horticultural consultants does not cover expenses for personal injury or property damage suffered on the job, therefore a separate public liability insurance policy is required.

3. Can you customise my professional indemnity insurance based on my budget?

FD Beck in Australia understands that you have unique needs. Our insurance brokers will discuss your requirements to be able to provide customised policy coverage by offering different policy Limit options.

4. Can I get a quote online?

To get a quick Professional Indemnity insurance quote, please use FD Beck’s free online calculator.