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Securing Your Business in Melbourne VIC with General Liability Insurance

Face the risks head-on, with our tailored insurance fit for your business.

No matter what trade, profession, or small to medium enterprises you are in, during the course of your business, you are still vulnerable to general claims of compensation resulting from legal liability negligence caused by your business activities. 

This is why liability insurance is important. It acts as your safety net for when you end up having to face these claims in the future. 

FD Beck Insurance Brokers can offer you a neatly packed business insurance policy complete with all the coverages you need.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability cover (also known as Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability insurance) will offer you the coverage you need when you are faced with claims of bodily injury or property damage by third parties. This insurance cover is different from Professional Indemnity insurance as the latter focuses on legal liability claims resulting from professional negligence or malpractice.

What Does General Liability Insurance in Victoria,AU Cover?

This policy will typically cover you and your business for the following:

If somebody is injured as a result of your actions or your products, this policy provides cover for your liability to pay compensation to the claimant. This includes claims for damages and medical costs resulting from an injury or illness brought about by your company.
If the damage to property resulting from your actions or your products, this can cover you for your liability to pay compensation to the claimant. This includes claims for loss, damage or destruction to physical property.
This policy can cover the costs incurred to legally defend you as a result of a demand for compensation for injury or damage.
This policy will protect you against claims for liable or slander arising out of your business.

Coverage limitations

Like most liability policies, this liability insurance also has its limitations. As a business owner, you need to protect your business by making sure you have all the types of coverage that your business needs. Take note of the following: This liability insurance does not cover employee injuries, auto accidents, intentional acts, or professional mistakes. You would need these insurances for that.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance in Melbourne VIC?

If you have a small business or large business wherein you might face possible risks resulting from transacting or giving services to the public, you need this insurance.

Small to Medium Businesses

This type of liability insurance is usually included in policies for small business to medium-sized businesses with property assets under $10 million and up to $20 million turnover.

Large Businesses

For larger businesses, our brokers can tailor a general liability coverage based on your financial situation or needs.

How GLI Protects Your Business in Victoria, AU

This policy will protect your business by acting as a safety net when things go wrong with your business. To summarize it, this policy

It is not easy to run a business, and without the necessary risk-management, you may be exposing yourself to risk that could easy be insured.

Do not let all your hard work go down the drain. Get insured with FD Beck today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by our clients:

You can easily get a quote from us by going to our website and choosing from the available policy products we have. For more information, feel free to call us.

This depends upon the nature of your work, turnover, number of employees and claims experience.
No, but some businesses and clients would request for you to show your liability insurance policy before doing business with you.