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Marine Cargo Insurance in Victoria,AU

From Point A to B, we’ve got your goods covered!

Protect Your Assets with Trusted Marine Cargo Insurance Provider in Australia

With the expansion of trade and commerce, goods being transported over long distances are exposed to loss or damage. Marine cargo insurance ensures all the risks can be managed to protect goods in transit whether inland, inter-island, import, or export transfers. FD Beck is a trusted insurance provider based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia that offers customised protection plans to secure your reputation and your valuable assets.

Comprehensive Marine Cargo Insurance Offers and Packages​ in Victoria

Whatever the packaging and nature of the cargo, FD Beck insurance offers and packages are designed to take care of various risks associated with the movement of your property.

Marine Cargo Insurance for Every Type of Business in Melbourne, Victoria

It’s difficult finding reliable marine insurance for cargo in Australia, but with FD Beck, transporting your cargo will be a convenience—giving you peace of mind as your property reaches its destination. Your business needs to obtain insurance like professional indemnity—products transported from one place to another are inherent of risk.

If you’re in any of these businesses, secure your assets right away.

Marine Cargo Insurance FAQs

Why is marine cargo Insurance important?

If you are in the business of transporting goods, you need insurance for freight. When you’re covered with this type of insurance, you are assured of safety and security.

What type of goods can be covered?

FD Beck policy covers a variety of assets—retail goods, equipment, raw materials, items under forwarding services—from Australia to any port in the world.

What is the difference between marine and cargo insurance?

Marine insurance encompasses many types of insurances including hull insurance and liability insurance. Marine insurance is specifically a cover of any cargo under movement via sea, including the loading and unloading associated with it.

What specific incidents are covered?

Among the incidents covered are theft, fire, collision, flood, and other extensions. For a full list of listed events, contact FD Beck.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, immediately report damaged or lost products to FD Beck. An insurance agent and appraiser will be in contact to help you with the processing of the claim.

We understand that choosing the right insurance cover can be complicated. But with the expertise of insurance brokers at FD Beck Australia, we’ll help you easily choose the policy tailored-fit to your requirements. Start protecting your business today. Get a quote from us.