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Business Interruption Insurance

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Being in charge of, or owning a business is fraught with many risks and exposures, and often these risks are unseen. These risks could potentially harm your business and affect your revenue stream- disastrous events such as floods, fires or storms can cause setbacks and significantly disrupt your ability to operate a business.

Business Interruption Insurance protects against many of these unanticipated risks, giving you and those in your employ, the peace of mind that- even in the event of a revenue disruption, you can recover quickly and efficiently, and get things back up and running in minimal time.

BI Insurance is a brilliant way to insure you and your business against unforeseen and potentially disastrous events. Events like this can affect your ability to pay your staff, pay product invoices even building rent and suppliers- all of which can be devastating if not protected.

Are you a business owner?

Think about it -

You’re a business owner and the unthinkable happens…do you have a contingency plan? Unless you’re covered with Business Interruption insurance, then the chances are is that you do not- If your revenue stream is suddenly disrupted, you will need to find a way to keep up with staff wage, loan and product payments- and these bills will continue to pile up- BI Insurance covers and enables you to keep your business open, allowing the revenue to keep coming in and preventing the bills from piling up.

Please note that exclusions can vary greatly depending on the insurer.

Here at FD Beck Insurance, we understand the complexities of business insurance- our goal is to enable and empower you to be confident in the knowledge that you’re covered in the event of a disruption to your business’ revenue stream.

Our team of Business Insurance Experts are perfectly poised to provide you with the best advice you can get, giving you peace of mind, and ensuring that your business is protected from random and potentially damaging circumstances.

– Utilities payments (ie. Electricity, gas & water)
– Cost to train staff on new or temporary functional systems and machinery
– Rental or loan payments
– Council or government-ordered movements affecting customers entering the premises


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