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Health and Safety Consultants Insurance

Arrange suitable insurance for workplace health and safety consultant
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)  consultants help organisations develop sustainable health and safety culture. Their expertise includes ensuring that applicable safety legislation, policies and practices are followed. They assist organisations in planning, implementation, monitoring, and analysis of preventive and preventative measures. Because OHS consultants provide advice to minimise the operational costs, occupational health problems, accidents and injuries in businesses, it is critical for them to consider getting an insurance policy to financially protect them in the event their clients make a claim.

What kind of insurance does a health and safety consultant need?

Whether you are providing services in implementing programs, conducting workplace assessments, handling risks, or training, you will need the following cover:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

A consultant's negligence in performing any of his or her duties can result in legal action.

Professional Indemnity insurance protects them financially by covering damages and legal fees associated with defending a claim.

It defends the insured company, its directors, and employees in the event of a third-party professional duty being breached.

Public Liability Insurance

If you or any of your employees go to a customer's place of business, your acts can potentially cause injury to someone else.

Similarly, if an accident occurs when a client is visiting your office and are injured, you can be held responsible.

Public liability insurance will cover you if you cause damage to third-party property, like breaking a valuable item, or injuries like slips and falls.

Other insurance products for your protection

If you are a company and have employees under your care, you may need the following insurance coverages to protect the business from litigation and / or to prepare for unexpected financial loss:

Business Insurance

Business insurance type of insurance can cover a variety of risks, including property damage, theft, loss of business income following property damage (including covering worker's wages), among others. It's a good idea to make a detailed list of your assets so that an insurance broker can assist you in determining the type of policy you need.

Cyber Insurance

As a consultant, you may be holding critical information on behalf of your clients, which could pose serious risks on your part in the event of cyber event. Cyber insurance covers;

Key Exposures for Health and Safety Consultants

OHS consultants are specially trained to assess businesses and their workers’ working environments, make recommendations for changes, and ensure compliance with applicable Work Safe and OHS regulations. With these responsibilities comes risk exposures for OHS consultants:

engineers checking and inspecting plans

Arrange a customised policy with FD Beck Australia

FD Beck  understands the risks relevant to your industry while you take on consulting projects, that is why we customise policies according to our client’s needs. Through our network of insurers, FD Beck will assist you in arranging a cover that suits your specific requirements. Moreover, if arranged, our solutions can also be customised by way of limits and excess for professionals in Victoria and Melbourne. Use our online calculator to request a quote or get an estimate.


1. How much professional indemnity insurance for health safety consultants is required?

The amount of coverage you need is based on several factors, including your industry, the number of employees you have, and more. In order to get a Professional Indemnity insurance quote, FD Beck will need to know your occupation, professional fees, limit, and claims experience. Please contact one of our qualified insurance broker who can assist you in obtaining the policy you need.

2. Is professional indemnity insurance needed for all health and safety consultants?

PI insurance is mandatory in some professions in Australia. As a consultant, you need this policy to cover you against alleged negligence or error of professional obligations when delivering consulting services.

3. Can you put together a PI quotation for me based on my budget?

Yes. FD Beck Insurance Brokers will assist you in your application process and note your requirements to provide you with tailored solutions.

4. Is it possible to get a new quote online?

Yes. Just answer a few questions in our quotes calculator to generate a free quote online.