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Machinery Breakdown Insurance in Victoria, AU

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Is your business heavily dependent on machinery and equipment? If so, machine damage or breakdown could take a toll on your business operations. The cost of repair or replacement could be expensive on your part. But FBDeck is here to help you secure your valuable assets!

FDBeck is a trusted machinery breakdown insurance provider based in Melbourne, Australia. We offer customised machine insurance packages for businesses of all sizes.

Here, we understand the costs of equipment repair or replacement can place a significant financial strain on your business. We offer machinery breakdown insurance to protect machine-dependent businesses from financial loss caused by machinery damage or failure.

Machinery Equipment Insurance Coverage in Melbourne VIC

Here are the most common insurance policy features under machinery breakdown business insurance:

Equipment breakdown

Insurance for equipment shoulder the costs incurred to repair/replace items. This may also include any electronic equipment.

Expediting expenses

With this policy, there is no need to worry about any cost incurred to make temporary repairs and expedite permanent repairs or replacement.

Deterioration of stock

As an optional extension this insurance can cover the costs incurred as a result of damaged stock following an instance of breakdown.

Business Interruption insurance

Again, as an optional extension you can get cover for profit loss caused by business interruption following an instance of breakdown.

Professional fees

Machinery insurance products provide cover for the professional fees associated with quantifying covered claims. Learn more

Temporary hire

This business insurance covers the costs to hire temporary equipment to continue business operations.

Why Is Machinery Breakdown Insurance Important?

If your business is dependent on machinery or equipment to operate, having machinery insurance is vital. This allows you to prepare for any unexpected financial damages. Your equipment insurance plan provides financial assistance in case of machine breakdown. In some cases, it may also cover profit loss due to service interruption.

Your equipment business insurance policy also covers the repair or replacement costs. At FDBeck Insurance Brokers, we can tailor the best package for your business needs in Australia

What Equipment can Machinery Insurance cover?

Here at FD Beck, we take the time to assess your requirements to create the right insurance package for your business. Here are some of the items we can cover for you:
Additionally, we also offer mobile plant and equipment insurance. Visit our website to know more about this package.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance FAQs

Who needs this type of insurance in Australia?

Every business that relies on machinery to run their business should prioritise getting insured.

What's not included in this insurance type?

There are excesses for claims and limits to this business insurance. For full product disclosure statement, contact our team.

How much does it cost to have this specialised insurance?

There are several factors involved when calculating the amount for this insurance. This may include the total value of your assets, profits, value and type of stock etc. For an insurance quotes, reach out to us.

Let FD Beck Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd assist. Feel free to contact us today. Visit our website for more information about our products and services.