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Protective Commercial Fleet Insurance for Business Vehicles

Protect your vehicle all the way! Ensure your road safety.


If your business owns trucks or cars, then have them insured! You can never tell when road accidents might occur. In our experience, they happen when you least expect them.

Commercial Motor Insurance

We at FDBeck Insurance Australia know that managing a business has risks. This is why we seek to help business owners protect their commercial fleet. With our flexible insurance policy, we can get your trucks or cars secured while on the road.

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A wide range of vehicles are covered!

Looking for a smart and affordable way to protect your commercial fleet? Motor fleet insurance is the answer!

We ensure that your trucks and drivers are protected at all times. Motor fleet insurance insurance covers the following commercial motor vehicles:

So for businesses with five or more commercial vehicles, this is the right insurance package. It is a smarter choice than insuring one vehicle at a time. Have comfort in the knowledge that your entire commercial motor fleet is protected in one policy. 

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Secure and flexible vehicle insurance policy

Take advantage of our flexible motor vehicle insurance policy! Our fleet insurance provides coverage for:

Third-Party Liability

When the company causes damage to another persons property

Accident Benefits

Covers accident-related expenses

Direct Compensation

Covers damage to our client’s motor vehicle if someone else was at fault

Optional Extra Coverage

Contact us for optional insurance coverage

Who should have business insurance?

Our motor fleet insurance is best for companies the have more that five cars, trucks or mobile plant owned in the business name.


What is included in your package?

Our business insurance package comes with standard features such a repair guarantee with optional benefits such as agreed value or car hire costs.

Which business insurance cover is perfect for my business?

We deal with a range of insurance companies such as QBE, Vero, GT Transport, NTI and CGU, just to name a few. As part of the process we consider the Product Disclosure Statement offered by each company to help you decide which cover suits your needs best.

How much does this business insurance cost?

The premium amount varies depending on the number, type and value of vehicles as well as claims history.

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